Wednesday, April 26, 2006

10,000 hits!

My hit counter ( informs me that this blog clocked over 10,000 hits today. Thanks everyone for visiting over the last few months!

The blogs have been running for about a year now and are overdue for a makeover. I'm hoping to make some changes to the format and include more regular updates and new content in the near future. This will probably include moving them to a new home. But don't worry, the current content won't be removed and there will be plenty of notice of any changes.

Besides this blog, I'd just like to flag another descriptors resource on the web. Take a look at this presentation on the Symbian site, for another view of descriptors.

Best wishes,

Vancouver, April 26th 2006

i wonder if u cud help me out

im trying to put a web counter on my blog but dont know how to do it

just where am i suppossed to paste the code

plz help

I'd recommend statcounter ( If you already have counter code, it may have come with documentation to tell you where to put it. Otherwise, just experiment! You won't crash the internet if you get it wrong...I hope :o)
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